Friday, July 1, 2011

Hold the phone.

Wait wait wait. Why are there fireworks going off? Today is definitely July FIRST. You're a bit early, pal. Sorry.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Personal Project

Being the theatrical and somewhat dramatic person that I pride myself in being, I like to tell stories in the form of a play. Sometimes, it’s just easier. This is one of those times.

Time: Present day
Setting: Classroom of freshmen
(Curtain opens to reveal a scene with TEACHER standing in front of a classroom full of sleep-deprived, inattentive STUDENTS. TEACHER is visiting the class to give them some “special” news.)
Teacher: Okay, class. Over the summer, you are going to have to do a project! Your assignment: do anything you want about anything you want! 
Students: ….. 

Introducing: The Personal Project. The project that must be unrelated to school and about anything your little heart desires. Yes, that is something that apparently exists.

Image credit: http://personalproject.qata
In theory, it sounds like an inspired idea; I've always thought the school system was too limiting in what the students could do. This is the chance to do that one thing you have always wanted to do. If you can think of that one thing, that is.

How hard can it be? you’re thinking. (Yes, in fact, I do read minds now.) The answer: a lot harder than I thought.

I mean, I want to do something that hasn't been done before. I don’t want to be compared to other projects. I want mine to be memorable, unique, and interesting. And when you put those constraints, my perfectionism, and my indecisiveness into a mixing bowl, you get a loaf of fresh-baked, wasted time.

In short, for me, at least, deciding on what to do for my Personal Project has been… hard. To say the least.

Hey, Muse? Yeah, it's me. Feel free to come on down here for a quick second and bestow an ingenious idea on me. I'll have some wasted time for you. Right out of the oven. Yum.

Well, now I’m off to pick a topic. Go team.

…Or maybe I’ll just get some sleep. PROCRASTINATORS FOR THE WIN.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The "To-Don’t List"

Does your To-Do list get too long? Does it make you feel overwhelmed that you have so many things you have to do? The solution: To-Don’t Lists.

Let’s face it: To-Do lists just don’t make you do everything (if anything). Why? Because you’re doing all the stuff you shouldn’t be doing.

Confused? No worries. Let’s take this example To-Do list:

2011-05-17 21.38.01

This is only six short(ish) tasks; most To-Do lists are even longer. But instead of just focusing on what you have to get done, why not focus on the problem. In other words, what are you doing that is stopping you from completing this To-Do list?

Enter the To-Don’t list.
2011-05-17 21.41.09_edit0
  • Although SparkNotes is easy to use, rather than actually reading the assigned book in English, it doesn’t really work for an IB kid (guilt, reading quizzes…). So, add that to the To-Don’t list.
  • Playing Super Mario Galaxy won’t get those lines memorized for the school play, even though it is the best. game. ever. So, make that #2 on the To-Don’t list.
  • I do love surfing StumbleUpon and Digg, but it is distracting when trying to get homework done (because the Internet has tons. of. cool. stuff.), so add that to the list, dude! (Why does no one say “dude” anymore?)
  • And, of course, although searching absolutely random search queries may earn you a few SwagBucks, it doesn’t help you do anything productive. Sigh.
So yeah. You get the idea.

Thanks to for the inspiration. Go there for an article about it!

Now go make a To-Don’t list! (And then tell me what is on it, cuz, you know, I don’t have enough procrastination material already…)

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